Secretary Cashier

Secretary Cashier

The CV of the current cashier

Retired Major General / Ali Muhammad Othman Khalil

Treasurer of the Arab Federation of Veterans

Date of birth:

11 / 2 / 1950م

Job filled date:

23 / 10 / 2003م

Military Qualifications:

Bachelor of Military Science

Civil qualifications:

Bachelor of Commerce

Main Functions:

Director of the Armed Forces Budget Department - Financial Affairs Authority.
Director of External Relations and Finance Department - Financial Affairs Authority.

Other functions:

Officer at the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Defense, Financial Branch.
Head of an accounting unit in the Land Authority of the Armed Forces.
Branch Head, Budget Department.
Head of Signal Branch / Infantry Brigade.

War battles:

War of attrition.
Glorious October War.

Adornment and Medals :

Medal of the Republic.
Long Service Medal.
Medal of Excellent Service.

Former Treasurers