The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

 The Economic and Social Association of the Military Retirees

  • Affiliates to: the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Ministry of Defense
  • Joining Date: 17/10/1989
  • Current President: Air Vice Marshal/Mahmoud Owda Ardisat

The Correspondences

·         AddressAmman – P. 0 B 314 Al Mqabalain

·         Telephone Number:0096264202125 

         0096264201740 : TELEPHONE / FAX 

·         Fax Number: 0096264203395

·         E-mail Address:

The Objectives

The Establishment: 

  In 1974, The Royal Commissioner announced the establishment of the institution under the Law No. (25), and in 1977, the institution was re-structured under the Law No. (6), which added functions and duties that will be beneficial to the military retirees and the national economy through the contribution of the institution in the area of development that will be achieved through the implementation of projects in various fields/areas.

The Connection: The institution is officially connected to the Minister of Defense, and it has a strong character with financial and administrative independence and a Governing Council that is responsible for setting and putting the institution’s general policy.

The Tasks and Duties: 

  1. Performing the duties and tasks as per the law and the decisions of the Governing Council.
  2. Organizing the associate members, preparing them for the construction and reconstruction projects, and employing them in the productive projects, the economic and national development projects, and the projects of the institution whenever possible.
  3. Exercising any economic, commercial, or social activity that will achieve the goals of the institution in cooperation with various parties. 
  4. Providing employment opportunities for members inside and outside the Kingdom in cooperation and coordination with the official specialized parties and giving the priority of employment to the children of the elderly and disabled people whenever possible.
  5. Performing its work and tasks in the way it deems appropriate, including the participation with local and foreign companies and institutions. 

The Former and Current Heads

The Name

The Duration of Occupying the Post



Major General/Moustafa Ali Agour 7/3/1989 8/9/1991
Major General/Hany Kayed El Magaly 9/9/1991 19/10/1997
Lieutenant General/Salem Mohamed El Tork 20/10/1997 30/12/2003
Major General/Ahmed Mohamed El Amian 1/1/2004 13/2/2008
Major General/Mohamed Eid Mohamed El Abady 14/2/2008 6/7/2010
Major General/Abdel Salam Abdel Rahamn El Hasanat 7/7/2010 31/8/2013

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