About the Union

The Arab Union of War Veterans and Victims of War

  • The Arab Union of War Veterans and Victims of War is a regional Arab non-governmental organization that was founded when the association of war veterans and victims of war in Cairo invited its sisters in Syria  and Gaza to  the general conference in February 2nd,  1960, in Cairo, for exchanging points of views in any future projects that will serve the war buy an already written essay veterans and martyrs’ families, identifying  the artistic activities of the associations, and organize the exchange of professionals between associations for  the advancement of the artistic aspects in the service of war veterans and studying the comparison of the basic laws and regulations of the associations.  
  • And it has been approved to found an Arab Union of the Associations of War Veterans and Victims of War, based in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt.

This announcement was issued by three organizations :

a)      The Egyptian Association of the War Veterans and Victims of War The South Region of the United Arab Republic showing the unity between Egypt and Syria

b)      The Association of War Veterans in Damascus  The North Region

c)       The Association of War Veterans in Aleppo   The North Region

And in the 4th of August of the same year, 1960, the Association of War Veterans in Gaza has joined the Union, representing the Palestinian People.

Based on what was approved in the meeting held for the invitation to form/found the Arab Union of War Veterans and Victims of War

Te Council of the League of Arab States has issued the decree in September 1961 round in which the Arab countries which did not found any associations for war veterans have been invited and encouraged to found/establish this kind of associations in preparation for their accession to the Arab Union. 

In December 1962, the number of the members reached (7) as follows:

  • Association of Arab Veterans … Egypt
  • Association of Veterans … Damascus
  • Jerusalem Association of Struggler … Palestine
  • Veterans Association … Aleppo
  • Revolution League … Damascus
  • The Morocco Association … Morocco
  • Gaza Association … Gaza

The Arab Union of the War Veterans has been declared sample essay outlines at the Ministry of Social Affairs with No. 1464 in the 30th of October, 1961, with its main objective to supervise the services of the member associations and direct them into achieving its goals and coordinating efforts among them. 

The Marshal / Abdel Hakim Amer, “the Vice President of the Republic and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces – the Minister of Defense and Egyptian Military Production at that time”, has taken over the honorary presidency of the Union.

The Objectives of the Arab Union of War Veterans and Victims of War:

  1. Seeking to achieve world peace by all means and support brotherhood among the Arab nations, using in its mission the international charters and their humanitarian and social message along with providing peace and ensuring a decent life for all war veterans.
  2. Improving the social situation and life of war veterans, victims of war, and martyrs’ families, and in order to achieve this objective, we take the necessary measures to urge/encourage the governments to increase all the advantages and benefits of the social insurance for them as well as the acceptance of and mutual assistance with the international organizations and to provide the possibilities/opportunities for vocational and professional training and employment for victims of war and injured veterans,  on condition that the government will devote more attention to the elderly, the injured, and the sick of them on both levels, the social and spiritual.
  3. Seeking to achieve the cooperation between the member associations and organizations and direct them to fulfill and achieve cooperation on the international level with associations and organizations which exercise similar activity or which the Union believes that it would be useful to cooperate with.
  4. Coordinating between the work of the member associations and organizations and working on improving the services level.
  5. Working on the establishment of new associations or organizations in the Arab countries, which do not have this kind of associations or organizations.
  6. Unifying the general policy for the member associations and organizations and linking them to various parties with respect to any matter related to the general policy and funding.
  7. Assisting in strengthening the brotherhood bonds between the Arab countries in service of the common issues.
  8. Cooperating with the international associations and organizations, which have similar activity, in serving the issues of world peace and improving the social level of war veterans and victims of war.
  9. Maintaining and updating the historical memory.