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Egyptian Veterans Association

Foundation for Economic and Social military retirees and veterans Jordan

The National Association to commemorate the Mauritanian National Championships resistance

Ratified the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Defense on 04/09/2009 AD treatment number (5) of the Victims of the members of the Arab Union for veterans Akaddmeamoma by 50% reduction, and that by sending medical file of the Association of veterans and victims of the Egyptian war and inhabiting the property No. 195 26 July Street – Agouza – Giza

 The report covers:

1. A medical report from the competent authorities

2. The results of the final analysis

3. own illness Medical Radiography

4. proposed timing for the arrival of the situation

 The Egyptian Association in coordination with the Department of Medical Services of the forces Muslhhalmbarh determine the medical treatment, which will be the actual cost of treatment and the cost of treatment after an opponent.

 The Egyptian Society quickly inform the requesting party by fax, mail and determine which time for the arrival of the situation to Cairo.

  • §     The Egyptian Assembly to follow up the situation and ensure that they receive full care (medical / administrative) until the completion of treatment.



Providing services and facilities to the associations and organizations, members of the Arab Union for veterans in the medical aspects of the Kingdom of Jordan, through the medical report of the patient an official letter from your organization’s economic and social institution in Jordan for viewing on doctors in (the Royal Medical Services – the armed forces – government Ooualemschwiat other) to demonstrate the feasibility of processed The approximate cost of treatment.

Association provides facilities for the members of the associations members of the Arab Union for veterans in Mauritania are:

Reduce apartments furnished accommodation prices in the capital Nouakchott to the amount of 20,000 ounces, equivalent to 55 Dularlmdh 24 hours.

Omaalphenadeg 2 star are 35,000 ounces, equivalent to 97 Dularlmdh 24 hours.

Omaosaralojbat it is in the range of 4,000 ounces, equivalent to 12 Dolarllojbhaluahdh.