The Most Important Legislations and Laws of the War Veterans

Legislation governing veterans and victims of war

Veterans and War Victims were: –

They are those who serve in the armed forces took part in an armed conflict, whether suffering thus from any obstruction or not

They are those who participated in the resistance movements against foreign colonizers in order to obtain the independence of the nation again and therefore may suffer from disabilities.

Who are these civilians who suffer from disabilities were considered victims of war in accordance with the legislation.

Teachers such as (wife, orphans, parents) of the members have been killed during the war have suffered disability based on it.

Civilian casualties of any war or conflict and terrorism without participating, directly or indirectly, and with a result of either physical or mental health problems to attend at or near the war or as a result.

Seventh International Conference announced strongly emphasize to all states approve the deployment of a universal definition of the principles include the development of veterans and victims of war and that must be applied in all States to cooperate with private institutions warriors veterans and victims of war.

Seventh International Conference to recommend to take all States in mind that the veterans and victims of war and not have to have the right to compensation, but also taking in consideration and determine the size of the losses caused by the arms and new forms produced by wars currently started, and increase the number of civilian casualties in these wars.

International Conference drew the attention of the Seventh States and international bodies to the importance of taking decisions and actions which condemns the use of chemical arms, nuclear and bacteriological. These weapons directly accused of doing up enumerate all victims of the war, but unfortunately in the process of pollution of our planet, bearing the entire humanity is in danger

The fundamental rights of veterans and victims of war:

And compensation and priorities treatment:

Must all Governments to confirm that the veterans and victims of war receive good share of local resources. And we must ensure that the care provided by Governments to veterans and victims of war the following rights, as a kind of compensation for disability that occurred to them:

All kinds of care and treatment required for them in hospitals is a direct responsibility on the government.

Special treatment condition, and prosthetics is a direct responsibility on the government, which include the provision of means of transportation.

Special condition the opportunity to take training courses in rehabilitation, appropriate to their education and training.

Assistance and priority access to housing, particularly in the field of adoption to get a normal life in spite of the disability.


Depends on the medical assessment of the degree of disability, a comparison between the situation or status as a disabled person to a healthy person with no health taking into account the level of income or any other personal factors.

The evaluation also based on the time and age.