The National Association to commemorate the Mauritanian National Championships resistance

The affiliate: Interior Ministry

Joined history: 02/04/2014 m 

Current President: Mr. / Saad Bouh Ould Mohamed Mustafa


Address: PO Box Nouakchott: 6495

Phone: 0022264707014 & 0022226707014



Encourage historical research to complete the reading of the events of national resistance and its symbols.

The collection of documents, books for the resistance and the formation of a library for students and researchers

Coordination with national bodies educational achievement material resistance within the scheduled date on pupils and students program.

Prepare trips for students to the sites of battles and resistance to strengthen hair and a duty to sacrifice the future generations.

Commemorate the day the facts of the famous resistance to lose public opinion, by placing memorials, and the preparation of seminars and brochures printed and broadcast video and audio programs in coordination with the official and non-official media Alheiat

Work on the launch of the names and locations of resistance fighters fighting on the streets, squares and major commercial and interfaces.

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