Veterans Association and the Egyptian victims of war

The affiliate: The Ministry of Social Affairs under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense

Joined history: 03/11/1989 m 

The current president: a brigade. H / Majdi Mohammed Ali Gharabli


Address: 195 26th of July Street – Agouza – in front of the balloon Theater

Phone: 0020233472208

Fax: 0020233034673



List Statutes

Veterans Association of victims of war and the Arab Republic of Egypt

1-founded in Cairo on April 2, 1951 Veterans Association and victims of the war months pregnant and was number 19 for the year 1956 in accordance with the provisions of Law 384 of 1956 m.

2. In accordance with the authority delegated to the Minister of Defense Law No. 179 for the year 1981 by adding a new paragraph to Article (1) of Law No. 91 of 1971 pertaining to the granting of the defense minister powers vested in the Minister of Social Affairs of the Law No. 32 of 1964 has been amending the statute facilities in accordance with the powers vested in the Minister of Defense and law referred to.

3. The following is a list of the basic system to work out under the law No. 32 of 1964 on private associations and institutions and Law 91 of 1971 as amended by Law 179 for the year 1981 and the terms of reference of assessments for the Minister of Social Affairs of Law No. 32 of 1964 and its implementing regulations and amend the statute to them.


“Assembly name, type and field of activity and geographical scope of work

And objectives and groups benefiting from the activity “

Item 1: that in 11/26/1981 AD was re-amend the statute of the Association of veterans and victims of war and the Arab Republic of Egypt (Cairo Qasr al-Nil police station Mhakza Cairo).

Item 2: The purpose of the Assembly to work in the social and cultural fields to provide social welfare and the dissemination of culture between the armed forces officers retired and among the victims of the war of officers and retirees, the disabled, the injured and providing a decent life and develop their abilities and improve competence especially the injured and disabled them thus facilitating their integration to society and The following are the beneficiary groups :

A. It all retired Egyptian officer of the armed forces and military officers turn professional and taken by profession and ended his service to the armed forces is to cause breach of honor, integrity or disciplinary reason and should not be more consequent termination deprive him of his military rank.

B. a disability which every Egyptian served as the main Egyptian armed forces and sub-extra and lost parts of his body or one of the senses or the ability to use one of his body parts resulting in a lack of fitness for military service with a total disability or partial rate of not less than 50% to be a decision of the medical Council specialist.

C. the patient is every Egyptian served the Egyptian Armed Forces main or subsidiary or additional wounded due to hostilities, or one of the cases provided for in Article 31 of the Pension and Insurance Law of the Armed Forces No. 91/1975, as amended, or because of the service and suffered the percentage of deficit of at least uncle (10 %) military operations, (20%) because of the service “case Asabah”, (50%) because of the service satisfactory condition.

D. the family of the martyr: The martyr is every Egyptian served the Egyptian Armed Forces main or subsidiary or additional cited during military operations or take it a martyr of competent armed forces of power and includes the family of the martyr his widow and his parents and siblings who have dependents in accordance with the rules in force in the armed forces according to law pension s / 1/1984, s / 114/1989

Item 3: Scope of work Geographic Society in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the center of Cairo and has managed to establish branches or offices in the provinces.

Item 4: Assembly in its mission inspired by the spirit of the Constitution of the Organization and its laws, as well as issued by the Ministry of Defence of decisions and orders to achieve its objectives and principles which underlie

Item 5: prohibited at all or gambling or provide alcoholic beverages of any kind or engage in any activity in violation of security at facilities Assembly or its subsidiaries or its position or different positions may not be also any member of the Assembly or the Board of Directors carry out any political activity, religious or racial in Assembly facilities and offices or subsidiaries or different centers, as well as the Assembly may not engage in any activity that threatens national unity and social peace or safety of the nation. Nor does any member of the Albh or its Board of Directors shall be no meetings or conferences held within the Assembly involving discussion of the laws and legislative rules applicable to exit it from the task of Assembly and its mission to serve its members and raise the social level and cultural and provide a decent life for them and develop their abilities as victims of war and retirees and allow members only studying the laws on insurance and pensions and treatment – and then progress through the legal process of any proposals or opinions or commitments for consideration by the competent authorities.

Item 6: No Assembly may be attributed or share or join the Association or body or based club outside the Arab Republic of Egypt only after informing the Ministry of Defense and the expiration of thirty days from the date of reporting without objection – nor does the Assembly may get funds from a foreign person or of foreign entity and not to send money or subscriptions to people or organizations abroad without permission from the Ministry of defense and with the exception of dedicated priceless books and pamphlets and scientific and technical journals actively Assembly special amounts.


“And how to use and dispose of Assembly resources”

Item 7: Assembly revenues consist of:

(A) the contributions of Member and branches.

(B)  Donations, gifts and bequests.

(C) The outcome of concerts and competitions revenues.

(D) government subsidies.

(E) Return of investment projects – the return of deposits and investments Assembly money in the banks.

And other resource-approved by the Board of Directors and read the Department of Defense.

Item 8: The fiscal year of the Association and ending with the beginning and end of the financial year of the State.

Item 9: deposited funds Assembly, which in its name known by the bank to be determined by the Board of Directors and the Assembly shall notify the Ministry of Defense when Ngaa the Depositary within one week from the date of receiving nor the Assembly may retain with a cash increase Anthelath times the annual expenses of administration except with the permission of the Ministry of Defense also does notIt may be maintained outside the bank with a cash balance of more than one month’s disbursements.

Item 10: is required to spend any amount of money that the Assembly signed the permission of exchange, checks all of the Treasurer and Chairman of the Board Aldjaah management or his deputy.

Item 11: Assembly funds dedicated to exchange them to achieve its purposes and may not be spent and Z is that they are to exploit the surplus of their revenues to ensure steady work earning a guaranteed supplier after taking the opinion of the Ministry of Defense to not affect the activity of Assembly

Item 12: The Assembly will retain its headquarters in the books of account shows the revenues and expenses, as well as supporting documents, as provided in the financial regulations.

Current and former managers


Date of the job



      Brigade / Mohammed Amin Nabih

      Brigade / Abdel-Rahman Fahmi Youssef

      Brigade / Mohamed Fouad Mujahid

      Brigade / Hafiz Mohammad Hatta

      Brigade / Essam El-Din raised fundamental

      Brigade / Ahmed Jamaluddin Subhi

      A brigade. H / Mohamed Zaki Hassan Abdel Aal

      A brigade. H / Mohamed Zaki Hassan Abdel Aal

      A brigade. H / Mohammed Abu Asim eyes

      A brigade. H / Mustafa Khamis Farhat

      A brigade. H / Abdul Latif Mahmoud Sarieddine

      A brigade. H / Moroccan Ibrahim Ibrahim Jalal

      A brigade. H / Ahmed El-Sayed Rabee.Hassan

      A brigade. H / Mustafa Mohammed Ismail

      A brigade. H / Abdul Rahman Saeed Abdel Fattah

      A brigade. H / Ahmed Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah

      A brigade. H / Mahmoud Bayoumi ElSayed Arafa.

      A dean. H / Lotfi Mahmoud Imran

      A brigade. H / Mahmoud Mohamed Abdel Halim Mihi

      A dean. H / Ayman Hamed Alexander

       A brigade. H / Nabil Saad Mansi Khamisi

20 / 2 / 1960M

1 / 8 / 1971M

1 / 8 / 1981M

1 / 12 / 1981M

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2 / 7 / 2009M

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1 / 1 / 2012 M

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31 / 12 / 1992M

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