The ancient Lebanese Armed Forces Association

The affiliate: The Ministry of Defense – and the Ministry of the Interior

Joined: 06/13/1995 m history

The current President: General / Victor Khoury


Address: Beirut – Ain Pomegranate – a white building next to the Civil Defense

Phone: 009611288408 & 0096112880470 

Fax: 009611293408 & 009611387398 

E-mail: ligue-dvl@hotmail.com

Goals : 

Chapter One

“Label – construction – center – goals – emblem”

Article I: Established in Lebanon Association under the name “Association of veterans of the Lebanese armed forces” has been given the news of science and No. 1978 dated 26 May 1955. It is also considered by Decree No. 14 953 news Date February 12, 1957 from Almaaat public interest. It has continued to operate until the early seventies, where seceded to Rabotttin, one taken the name “Association of the ancient security forces” of wires internal security forces and public security, and the other taken the name “Association of veterans” of the ancient army corps. In 1993, decided to unite and integrate all these ancient wires under the name: “Association of veterans of the Lebanese armed forces,” the theme of this statute.

Article II: the ancient Lebanese armed forces of former military Association include the following wire:

And later every wish or elements of the military forces of Lebanese nationality served in local or foreign institutions the legitimacy of the executive body approved the accession boiling Association two-thirds majority.


Internal Security Forces

public security

Country security

Customs officer

Parliament Police

Article III: envisages the ancient Lebanese armed forces Association of the following:

The unification of the ancient objectives of various military and security institutions in the Republic of Lebanon.

Take care of the affairs of the associate members away from any political or partisan activity-oriented.

Article IV: the capital Beirut is the central headquarters of the Association, followed by regional centers in various provinces and districts to cover all Lebanese territory.

Article V: the goals and objectives of the Association summarizes as follows:

Objectives –

Tighten the bonds of familiarity and development of the spirit of cooperation in the hearts of its affiliates.

Ensure that the interests of associates and their support in their quest for the management of the affairs of them on their shoulders.

Support associate in all that would reflect positively on the just interests and morale.

Keep up with the various military institutions in Egypt activities necessary to stay close relationship with them and address each and morale of prejudice to the interests and support completely in different circumstances.

Post institutions, particularly the military publications, experiences and contribute to its development when needed.

Preserve the heritage behavioral development of patriotism and transmit the spirit of giving, sacrifice, if necessary, participate in defending the homeland.

Photos elements belonging to the Association of armed force and make it a national model of co-existence.

Ends: –

Development Association devices and meeting places associate their meetings and the establishment of a club or more according to available potential.

Open branches in provinces and administrative districts whenever the need arises

The establishment of the various social activities.

To establish a special financial system for the management of funds of the Association and the development of ways and its imports.

Create and manage private health institutions Association.

Organize periodic newsletter and developed so that the value of the magazine to pronounce the name of the Association.

Giving priority to the owners of the Association of experiences in advisory and functional tasks among departments and public institutions without taking into account the terms of age along the lines of developed countries.

Article VI: Association based private badge placed on the various publications and related documents in accordance with the extension number one is entitled only associate members carrying this badge on Fitness and regular official uniforms.

Based metal badge as a souvenir according Supplement No. single measurements of three levels (gold – silver – and bronze).

Current and former managers


Date of the job



Contract / Ghaith Ibrahim Ghaith

12 / 5 / 1990م

4 / 9 / 1998م

Colonel pilot / Mohammed Abu al-Qasim Amsik

5 / 9/ 1998م

30 / 7 / 2002م

Dean Corner / spears Ramadan Inventory

1 / 8 / 2002م

20 / 6 / 2004م

Brigade corner / Osman Mustafa Hussein Alkerkna

1 / 7 / 2004 م


Dean / Abdnaf Moussa al-Huthi Senoussi



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