The Military Pension Committee

Affiliates to: The General Authority of Armed Forces

Date: 02/05/2007

Current President: 


·         Address: P.O. Box 37 (El Doha – Qatar)

·          Telephone Number: 0097444090051

·         Fax Number: 0097440283262 & 0097440283104 

·         E-Mail Address:

Current President: Brigadier General / Fayez Faleh Falah Al – Shammari

Date of Appointment: 14 / 9 /2017 

The Objectives

1.       Promoting the cultural, social, health, and economic levels, developing the national belonging, loyalty, and social cohesion between the members in particular and between the social sectors in general.

2.       Making use of the capabilities and expertise of the retirees and their specialities and artisitic and practical potential and encourging the retirees and the martyrs’ families to seek educational and knowledge attainment that commensurate with their capabilities, preferences, and labor market needs.

3.        Settling the rights of the officers and individuals of the Armed Forces.

4.       Following up with the concerned parties to settle rights (Public Pension Institute – Financial Affairs, when needed).

The Former and Current Heads


The Name

The Duration of Occupying the Post



Brigadier-General/Hamd Naser El Badr



Brigadier-General/Hamd Bin Mohamed El Hagery




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