The Republic of Tunisia

The National Association of Fidelity for the Rights of Families of Veterans

  • Affiliates to: the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
  • Joining Date: 04/11/2012


Address: the Republic of Tunisia, El Saada District, El Rouhia (No. 6150)

Telephone Number: 0021697873684 & 0021678893740

Fax Number:

E-Mail Address:

Current President: Mr./Abdel Wahed Bin Saleh Haddadi

Date of Appointment : 15/ 11 / 2012

The Objectives

  • Defending both material and moral rights of all Tunisians who fought with France and participated in military missions.
  • Working on providing subsidies from charities and other parties to the families of veterans who fought with France.
  •  Working on providing all documents available in the French archives to the families of veterans who fought with France.

The Former and Current Heads

The Name

The Duration of Occupying the Post



Mr./ Abdel Wahed Bin Saleh Haddadi 15/11/2012 Till Date

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