1. invitation to the formation of the Union of Arab associations for veterans and victims of war.

Arab Union for veterans and victims of Arab regional organization War non-governmental organization was established at the invitation of Veterans Association and victims of the war in Cairo sisters in Syria – Gaza to the general conference in 20/2/1960 m in Cairo and that for trading on the exchange of views on future projects to serve veterans and families of martyrs and to identify the technical activity of the associations and organize the exchange of professionals between associations for the promotion of technical aspects in the veterans service and a comparative study of the basic laws of the associations.

And it approved the formation of Arab Federation of Veterans and War Victims

The announcement issued by three organizations:

Veterans Association and the Egyptian victims of the war. “Southern Region of the United Arab Republic has shown unity between Egypt and Syria.”

“Northern Territory”

Association of Veterans in Damascus.

Veterans Association to Halab.

On the fourth of August of the same year, 1960 Veterans Association in Gaza representative of the Palestinian people joined. ‘

2. Based on what has been passed to call a meeting to form an Arab union of associations of veterans and victims of war

The address of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour of the United Arab Republic (Southern Region) for publicity and Almhaherh issued decision No. 1464 dated 10/30/1961 m.

Based: 15 Maspero St. – Department Bolaq- Cairo.

Purpose: overseeing the interests of the member associations and direct them in order to achieve its goals and coordinate efforts among them.

He took the honorary presidency of the Marshal / Abdel Hakim Amer.

“Vice President of the Republic and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces – the defense minister at the time of production and the Egyptian military.”