Global Federalism

Organization Name

The organization name is the “World Federation of veterans” will be referred to WVF.

International non-governmental organization non-profit which is independent of governments, non-political and non-fanatic.

There is no racial discrimination or racial discrimination, religious or gender-based or the country, but also does not allow its members to do so.

Organization’s site located in Paris – France is possible for any other transfers in France in accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors.

The objectives are: –

Defend the rights of physical and moral integrity of the veterans and victims of war and their families through all legitimate means available

The achievement of world peace and security and the application of United Nations document in word and deed, and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms set out in the document international human rights or international Haaiat other.

The development of the full integration of veterans and war victims in their communities through rehabilitation to overcome the problems of physical and psychological war-induced.

The unification of the good relations between local organizations and international combatants and victims of war veterans.

Encourage cooperation between local organizations and the exchange of expertise in all the required fields.

Terms and requests for membership

Local and international organizations for veterans and victims of war as it is known in the principles can be applied to regular membership.

Legitimate institutions and auxiliary structures that support the federal goals, could join them as members of subgroups.

Permanent members of the organization following elements: – made up

General Assembly

Executive Board

Local Standing Committees

Standing Committee of the mirror

Finance Committee

Member States federalism

Arab Union Veterans relationship with global federalism

It is coordinated with the World Federation of veterans to attend the general assemblies of the federation and is sent to the most important decisions and recommendations to be decided by the General Assembly of the World Federation of the Member States, which will help to provide a service to members of the Arab Union for veterans.

Call the Federal Chairman to attend the meetings of the General Assembly of the Union with the World Federation to provide the most important resolutions and recommendations in order to take what they see fit to put them in the work of the General Assembly of the World Federation of tables as well as send the most important decisions and recommendations established by the General Assembly of the Union Mr. Secretary-General of the World Federation of Veterans

World Federation consists of the member associations in the following countries


Address: 17 Rio Niccolo 75116 – Paris – France
Phone: 62237 425 00603
Telefax: 40728058/1/0033