The Syrian Arab Republic

The Association of Veterans and Victims of War

  • Affiliates To: The Ministry of Social Affairs under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense
  • Joining Date: 09/07/1992


  • Address: Damascus – El Sobky –  El Mahdy Bin Baraka Street –  Shoushra Building
  •  Telephone Number: 0096/ 3116131197
  • Fax Number:0096/ 3116126827
  • E-Mail Address:
  • Current President: Major General/Adnan Ismail Makhlouf

The Main Internal Statute:

The main internal statute of the Association of Veterans and Victims of War in the Syrian Arab Republic is established as per the private associations law No. 93 dated 8/7/1958 and its executive rules No. 1330 dated 12/10/1985 along with some of its amended articles that have been announced as No. 38 dated 31/10/1959.

The Objectives:

Amended Article (1):

The association was established at Damascus in 21st of February, 1959, under the name “Association of Veterans and Victims of War” with its activities covering all over Syria.

Article (2):

The association has the same advantages, rights, and duties to those of the other public benefit associations (as per the decree of the Minister of the Social Affairs and Work No. 291 dated 31/8/1958).

Amended Article (3) – Its Objectives:

a)      Paying attention to and care for the victims of war in order to create and provide them with a decent life. The injured war veteran is any Syrian citizen who served in any war as a soldier or participated in wars defending his country (Syria) as well as in either public or secret popular resistance against any foreign aggressor defending the country’s liberty causing him any injuries and anyone who has his service terminated at the Armed Forces due to the lack of medical fitness as a result of any permanent disability caused as a result of and during the service.

b)      Caring for the families of the martyrs to create and provide them with a decent life. The family of the martyr is any dependent of the martyr on whom the condition and definition of the injured war veteran applies in the case of his martyrdom in accordance with the findings of the social investigation.

c)       Seeking to gather and strengthen the connections between the retired officers to maintain their connection with the Armed Forces.

Article (4):

The association shall not intervene in any political or religious affairs.

The Former and Current Heads

The Name

The Duration of Occupying the Post



Major General/Mohamed Adnan El Nagar 3/5/1986 8/7/2002
Air Vice Marshall/Mohamed Omar Sanoufa 9/7/2002 8/7/2006
Air Vice Marshall/Mohamed Sherif Khaled El Badawy 9/7/2006 6/11/2010
Major General/Adnan Ismail Makhlouf 7/11/2010 Till Date

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