The Republic of Iraq

The Association of Veterans and Victims of War

Affiliates to: The Ministry of Defense

Joining Date: 01/04/1990


  • Address: The Republic of Iraq – Baghdad –  The General Center – Bab El Moaazzam –  Alley 118 – House 1 – 16 Adila Khatun Mosque Street.
  •  Telephone Number: 009644168488
  • Fax Number:
  • E-Mail Address:
  • Current President: Major General/Gasem Hamid Gaber El Gizany

The Objectives:

The Association’s Purpose:

The association aims at achieving the following in accordance with the law and regulations of the country:

a)      Seeking to gather and strengthen the connections between the retired officers within their association in order to save their rights, ensure the cooperation among them, and maintaining their connection to the army.

b)      Seeking to promote and enhance their living condition through taking measures and using different ways that will provide them with a decent life not less than that they used to live during their service (as much as possible) complying with the objectives of the republic.

c)        Seeking to enhance their military efficiency and competency level through taking the required measures to achieve that in order to maintain their vitality and energy helping them to perform their duties when needed.

d)       Seeking to insure the completion of their children’s studies in various schools inside and outside the country and taking required measures to make sure that they are hired in different country posts or in other associations which will provide them with a guaranteed future, in case of losing their families.

e)      Assisting the children of the military officers, martyrs, victims of war, and the afflicted in the country.

f)       Seeking to reach a common ground with the similar associations in different Arab countries and all over the world and taking the required measures to establish a regional or international union comprising the veterans associations or to join any similar union if found after the approval of the concerned authorities.

The Former and Current Heads

The Name

The Duration of Occupying the Post



Major General/Hamid Rashid Younis El Othmany 7/3/1989  
Major General/Gasem Hamid Gaber El Gizany    

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