The Republic of Sudan

Sudanese Veterans Association

  • Affiliates to: the Ministry of Defense
  • Joining Date: 18/07/1990


Address: El Khartoum – P.O. Box 2143

 Telephone Number: 0024912145998

Fax Number:00249188400458

E-Mail Address:

Current President: Brigadier-General/Abo Bakr Hassan Beshara

The Preliminary Provisions

Article (1): The Name of the Law and Its Entry into Force:

  • This law is known as the Law of the Sudanese Veterans Association for the year 1991 and it has been applied and abided by as from the date of its signature.

Article (2): The Interpretation:

For the purposes of the provisions of this Law, the following terms and expressions shall, unless the context requires otherwise, have the meanings assigned to them below:

  • The Council: the Governing Council of the Sudanese Veterans Association
  • The Chief: the Chief Executive Officer of the association
  • The Director-General: the Director-General of the Secretariat
  • The Secretariat: the executive management of the association
  • The Soldier: Any officer, non-commissioned (warrant) officer, or soldier who served at the Sudanese Armed Forces
  • The Injured: Any officer or soldier who served and was injured during his service at the Sudanese Armed Forces with a disability rate not less than 20%
  • The Patient: Any officer or solider who served at the Sudanese Armed Forces and was diagnosed with a certain condition with a disability rate – 50% or more – causing his retirement
  • The Disabled: Any soldier who served at the Armed Forces and lost any part of his body or any of his senses as a result of his military service with a disability rate not less than 10% in all cases
  •  The Military Retiree: Any officer or soldier who served at the Armed Forces for a period not less than 18 years, took up soldiery as a profession, and finished his service without any breach of honor or fidelity  


Article (3): The Establishment of the Association and Its Affiliation:

The association was established in the Republic of Sudan as an economic and social association for the veterans, and it affiliates to the Ministry of Defense. It is known for its strong character with its financial and administrative independence within the provisions of this law and its regulations issued pursuant thereto and it has the right also to exercise this character and decide any legal actions and procedures.

Article (4): The Headquarters of the Association:

The headquarters of the association is located in El Khartoum city and there are other branches established all over Sudan as per the Council’s decision.

Article (5): The Objectives of the Association:

a)      Seeking to achieve peace in the framework of its membership in the regional, continental, and international unions.

b)      Promoting the social and living conditions of the veterans.

c)       Establishing the investment management association in the fields of industry, agriculture, and trade in coordination with the association of retired officers which is multi-purpose.

d)      Providing job opportunities for the veterans inside and outside the country in coordination with the concerned parties.  

   The Former and Current Heads

The Name

The Duration of Occupying the Post



Brigadier-General/Hassan El Amin Saleh 1/06/1990 31/12/2000
Brigadier-General/Abo Bakr Hassan Beshara 01/1/2000 Till Date

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