Democratic Republic of Algeria

Algerian National Organization of Moujahideens

  • Affiliates to: the National Liberation Party-Front (Council of Ministers)
  • Joining Date: 15/07/1989


Address: Algiers the capital, 23 Ahmed Ghor Moul Street

Telephone Number: 0021321656742  &   0021321660191

Fax Number: 0021321650027 

E-Mail Address:

Current President: Mr./Al Saeed Abado

Date of Appointment: 1 / 10 / 2005

The Objectives

Part 1: The Name of the Association

Article 1: The Mujahideen (fighters) who participated in the struggle for national liberation and those who continue to struggle for the victory of the country’s socialist choice and work in accordance with the conditions set forth in the Statute form under the supervision of the National Liberation Party-Front pioneer unique association called “the National Organization of Mujahideen”.

Article 2: The National Organization for Mujahideen is a strong character with moral personality and financial independence.

Article 3: The headquarter sof the National Organization of the Mujahideen is located in Algiers (Villa Bou Maarouf ) and its activities cover the National Territory

Part 2: The Objectives and Tasks

Article 4: The National Organization for Mujahideen is considered as a start-up political and cultural organization.

Article 5: The National Organization for the Mujahedin as a start-up political organization in particular aims at the following:

1-  Gathering and comprising all the Mujahideen (fighters) who actually participated in the struggle for national liberation and continue the struggle for the victory of the country’s socialist choice.

2-  Supporting the structures of the party and the country’s agencies through providing the most aware and committed resources.

3-  Working within the party to strengthen the coalition between the workers, peasants, soldiers, and young people for the victory of the socialist revolution.

4-  Ensuring the representation of the Mujahedeen (fighters) to the country’s agencies.

5-  Making actual contribution and cooperating with the political organizations and the country’s institution in order to save the special rights of the fighters (Mujahideen) and maintain their dignity as stated in the National Charter and Constitution.

6-  Expressing and showing the fighters (Mujahideen) solidarity and coalition with the national liberation movements in their support to all the fair and just causes all over the world, using a variety of means, as well as working with the international organizations, with same activities and objectives, on promoting the connection, bond, and cooperation between the Algerian people and the people of the other countries in the international organizations in the framework of the common struggle against imperialism and its world Zionist allies, reactionary, segregation (racism), and old and new colonialism.

Article 6: The National Organization for the Mujahedin as a cultural organization in particular aims at the following:

1-    Using the appropriate means in forming the cultural and vocational background for the fighters (Mujahideen).

2-    Devoting all time and effort for protecting and disseminating the revolutionary traditions and national values among the coming generations as well as maintaining and immortalizing the accomplishments of the heroic struggle of the liberty revolution.

3-    Taking the required measures and actions to protect the cultural and historical heritage of the struggle of national liberation as well as recording, registering, showing respect for it.

4-    Preparing and selecting the means and the educational programs, which aim at encouraging and immortalizing the spirit of November among the coming generations as well as restoring the accomplishments of the national liberty revolution and celebrating its memorable and noteworthy days.

The Former and Current Heads

The Name

The Duration of Occupying the Post



Mr. (Fighter)/Youssef Alawi 7/3/1989 30/12/1990
Mr./Ali Kaffi 1/1/1991 3/7/1996
Mr./Mohamed El Sherif Abbas 4/7/1996 20/6/2000
Mr./Mohamed El Sherif Daas 21/6/2000 30/9/2005
Mr./El Saeed Abado 1/10/2005 Till Date

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