The United Arab Emirates

 The Association of the Military Retirees

  • Affiliates to: the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
  • Joining Date: 1/7/2004

The Correspondences

·         Address: Abu Dhabi P. 0 B  33833

·         Telephone Number: 00971/2/5585566

·         Fax Number: 00971/2/5585252

·         E-mail Address:

  • Current President: Majorn General/Moubarak Salem Oweida El-Khail
  • Date of appointment : 3 / 4 / 2011

The Introduction of the Association: 

The Association of the Military Retirees is an association of public interest which has been announced in the Ministerial Decree No. (841) in 2002 under the No. (110). The association is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and its activity covers the United Arab Emirates, where all citizens who served in the Armed Forces (Defense), the Ministry of the Interior, and the State Security of all ranks and genders, either male or female, and who retired with  their military capacity are eligible to apply for the association membership, exercise all the rights and activities of the association, and enjoy the facilities and services which the association seeks to achieve for its members.

The Objectives of the Association 

The association seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1.  Promoting the cultural, social, health, and economic level, developing the feeling of national belonging and loyalty and social cohesion among the members in particular and between them and the other social sectors in general.
  2. Highlighting the humanitarian and cultural objectives of the country in various areas of service and care, particularly the work of the concerned parties with the retirees through all means.
  3. Making useful use of the capabilities and expertise of the retirees, their specialized, artistic, and practical skills and encouraging educational and cognitive attainment for both the retirees and the families of the martyrs, commensurate with their capabilities, preferences, and labor market requirements.
  4. Following up on the conditions of the retirees and the families of the martyrs, providing all possible facilities in cases of health disability, and working on enrolling them to any treatment institutions treatment and reducing the prices of the medical insurance.
  5. Doing research and studies and issuing press releases, which aim to deepen and spread awareness in the areas of the retirees and the families of the martyrs and in any matter related to them.


The Former and Current Heads

The Name

The Duration of Occupying the Post



Major General/Ahmed Salem Ali El Kaaby 26/9/2002 21/8/2005
Major General/Obeid Salman Mohamed El Hagery 22/8/2005 2/4/2011
Major General/Moubarak Salem Oweida El Khaily 3/4/2011 Till Date

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